Thursday, 19 June 2008

And you may find yourself.....

My current favourite blog (one that's written by an anonymous blogger not a friend :-) ) is Hemlock's diary, written by a Company Gweilo, i.e. a foreigner based in one of the big hongs out here. Check him out at for a very particular view on the Big Lychee

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Tragedy! when the feeling's gone and you can't go on....

Last night I got to see a side of HK that I rarely interact with - the ritzy-glitzy-designer'n'coke bar scene. As it was also a completely spontaneous thing, I found myself sitting in this pretentious, ridiculously look at me place dressed in a look that's best described as "urban wanna be dyke".

In my salt encrusted birkenstocks, rolled up badly fitting jeans and t shirt, however, I can honestly say that I was having a better time than the majority of the hello dahling look at me crowd who were orbiting round this extraordinary place. I gleefully swigged beer from the bottle whilst being introduced to some of HK's model set (if the women are good looking I can honestly say the guys are even more hot. Extraordinary).

The cue to leave was when the second DJ set of the night started and 3 idiots in gas masks took to the stage. Gas Masks???? Having enjoyed Nathan Barley too much last week I couldn't take it and shambled out into the pouring rain.

Keep it girthy.

Friday, 13 June 2008

We are the champions, my friend…

Dragon Boating is an odd sport. It’s completely uncomfortable. And anachronistic. 18 – 20 (or sometimes up to 50) paddlers propel a heavy wooden boat down a course of variable length, with a steersperson at the back and someone beating merry hell out of a drum to keep time at the front. As a friend pointed out this week, in any other sport there would have been technological advances to drive better performance – fibreglass boats perhaps? Carbon fibre paddles?? But no, dragon boating is a Chinese sport and so the preferred approach to making the damn thing go faster is to add more people.

We’ve just celebrated the finale of the Dragon Boat season, with the races at Stanley. These are an extravaganza of largely expat exuberance – 200 odd dragon boat crews, corporate junk jollies for paddlers and non paddlers alike and in the middle of it some surprisingly competitive paddling over a 200m course. This year marks my third appearance in our squad - and each year the races have been momentous for one reason or another.

2006 – meeting the people I now consider great friends was significant in giving me the courage to walk away from my simply dreadful relationship with toxic J Low. The day itself was marred by his staying out all night with a “friend” of mine and then finding out on the day that whilst I was away on business he would be bringing other women back to our apartment. Cue many tears and the realisation that, as he didn’t see this as his problem, the end really was nigh.

2007 – single, happy and enjoying life. The paddling itself went well, and the after party ended up in an unlikely snog with an unsuitable, but interesting, choice of partner. It was ever thus.

2008 – our guys have only gone and won it! I’m still smiling. Huge performance all round for all teams. Party tomorrow night to celebrate in some style. Watch this space for updates.